Let’s talk about Persuasion and problems, causes and solutions

Rodney Denno
1 min readJun 15, 2021
Persuasion and problems, causes and solutions

Persuading listeners to accept your solution to a problem can be as simple as showing them that it reduces or eliminates their fears. This is the power of the problem-cause-solution (PCS) persuasion process.

Here are the three steps for constructing a PCS argument:

Step One — explain the magnitude and severity of the problem.

Step Two — detail the underlying causes of the problem. This is where you will either win or lose credibility. You win credibility by truthfully revealing the causes and explaining their impacts. You lose credibility by downplaying or omitting known causes.

Step Three — having explained the impacts of the major causes you then show how your solution reduces or eliminates those impacts.

So, now you can Speak Your Mind with confidence and clarity by showing your listeners that your solution reduces or eliminates their concerns and fears.

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