Let’s talk about Persuasion and logical reasoning

Rodney Denno
1 min readJun 15, 2021
Persuasion and logical reasoning

The most persuasive arguments are clear, concise, and logical. In fact, the whole point of speaking persuasively is to give your listeners clear and logical reasons for doing something, buying something, or acting in a specific way.

If listeners can’t understand or follow your arguments they will ignore your call to action and you fail.

But, if your listeners do understand your arguments and can see how your call to action logically follows — they are more likely to take that action.

Here are three rules to guide you:
Understandable — Understanding comes before action. So make your arguments easily understandable.

Logical — Construct arguments that will hold up under listener analysis.

Real — Use concrete facts, statistics, and examples that can be quickly understood and accepted.

So, by making your arguments understandable, logical, and real for your listeners you can then Speak Your Mind with confidence and clarity.

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