Let’s talk about Persuasion and comparing advantages

Rodney Denno
1 min readJun 15, 2021
Persuasion and comparing advantages

Sometimes persuasive speaking can be as easy as comparison shopping. All you have to do is compare two or three products or ideas and show why one of them has more advantages than the others.

Here are three steps and a pro tip on how to construct a comparison shopping argument.

Step One outline the problem and why its relevant to your listeners.

Step Two propose two or three solutions to the problem and use side-by-side comparisons to show why one is more advantageous than the others.

Step Three ask your audience to choose the product you believe is the best solution. Try using this form of summary “That product does A. My preferred product does B and B is better than A for this reason.”

Pro Tip your listeners are more likely to remember and act on the last thing they hear.

So, Speaking Your Mind with confidence and clarity can be as simple as helping your listeners make up their minds about which product or idea is better.

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