A Simple And Powerful Technique For Remembering ALL Your Shower Thoughts

Rodney Denno
7 min readFeb 8, 2021

I used to be horrible at remembering my shower thoughts. Not any more!

You’re in the shower. The warm water is gently relaxing your body. You feel like you’re finally able to take a break from intensely focusing on problems and just enjoy life for a few minutes. You’ve just started to lather up when suddenly, you’re hit with a flash of insight. Then another and another.

Yes! You finally have a solution to that business problem you’ve struggled with for days. Then you’re hit with a brilliant idea for a story to write. Oh crap, the insights just keep coming. Now you’re trying to remember four or five different ideas and lots of details. All of them are brilliant of course!

You rush through your shower routine, cycling through the various insights you’ve had so you don’t forget them. But, by the time you towel off, a couple of insights feel like they’ve already spiraled down the drain with the last of the shower water. And, the others are fading fast.

It doesn’t have to be that way

We all get these kinds of thoughts. And they don’t happen only in the shower. Long drives, short walks, mowing the lawn, cooking, cleaning, daydreaming. All have the right mix of monotony and engagement. That’s what’s needed to trigger a waterfall of ideas and insights.

Some are activities where it’s difficult to take notes. And, sometimes even the act of trying to take notes can make them disappear faster than saying the words ‘oh crap’.

Not to worry my dear idea-generating friend. There is a way to knit all those ideas, insights, and details together so you can remember them even weeks later. And, I’m going to teach it to you in the next few minutes.

It can be this way instead

All those relaxing activities can remain relaxing without losing any of your brilliant ideas and insights. How? By using the power of your brain’s visual memory to capture it all — as it happens.

The next time you’re in the shower and a stream of ideas, insights, and details starts cascading through your brain — you’ll be able to capture them all and have fun — creating trigger words and…



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